Deanne Practices : How to Find a Workshop That’s Suited to Your Practice

I’ve been a yoga teacher for about 2 1/2 years. I’ve been a yoga practitioner for about 8 years. Often there are certain parts of a practice, or types of yoga that people gravitate more. Sometimes this is a continually changing thing. There are some things I’m pretty passionate about – arm balances is certainly one of them. So is pushing your boundaries, playing, trying new things. I also think it’s important for students to have a good base of knowledge for their practice. I love to share what I’m passionate about, what better way than to break it down in a fun setting, and share as much as possible?

There are so many different workshops available. If you’re a beginner, maybe a workshop that breaks down some common poses, and sequences is something to look in to. If you’ve got a pretty good base, it might be fun to try a different style of yoga, or a workshop that focuses on more challenging postures. An arm balance, or headstand, or ashtanga workshop might interest you? There’s always the option for something  completely new, like aerial yoga or a SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) yoga class. If your practice is very “yang” – strong, active, fiery you might consider a yin yoga or meditation workshop to provide some balance.

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So now you’re hunting down a workshop? Other things to consider are : location – do you want to travel for this experience? Length – are you looking for a couple hours, a day, a week intensive? If you’ve travelled, you may want a longer workshop. Is anything else included – things like manuals, swag, accommodations, food, pictures. Is the person offering the training a certified instructor – this is important. You’re paying to learn, and you want to make sure the person teaching you is qualified, and experienced, which will definitely add to your experience.

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Read the workshop description. Does it resonate with you? Does it specify a skill level it’s suggested for? Do you know the teacher? Trying new things, and new teachers can be amazing! Most teachers and studios are happy to talk with you and discuss the workshop, and your practice. This can help you decide which option fits best with your practice.

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There are a ton of amazing teachers, and workshops in Edmonton and Area. I’ve had the pleasure of attending some at Mosaic Centre, The Shala and That Yoga Place locally. I’ve also travelled near, and far to learn and teach.

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I have 2 workshops coming up at That Yoga Place On October 28, 2017 from 2-4pm I’ll be teaching “Learn to Fly”. We will be learning about one of my favourite things, arm balances. I’ll offer tons of variation, and some really fun transitions. This is intended for students who have chaturanga in their practice. The investment is $40 and each student gets a detailed manual with photos to take home.

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On January 6, 2018 from 2-4 pm I’m hosting “Yoga Fundamentals”. This workshop is great for beginners! It’s also great for any practitioner who’s looking to depend their knowledge of common postures. All levels are welcome! All students will recieve a detailed manual with photos – a great tool to use in your home practice! Investment is $40.


You can find me teaching more SUP yoga in the summer of 2018. Stay tuned, and as always – feel free to connect! Here, or shoot me a text! 780-915-1634

Photos by Des Iles Photography






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